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We took two weeks out in August for a family holiday of a lifetime. Shunning the thought of an escorted bus tour or anything organised, we sorted it ourselves and drove up from Los Angeles to Seattle – about a 1,600 mile trip. Knowing the different kids of things we like to do as a family, we mixed it up, taking in the LA theme parks, exploring cities and venturing into national parks. We were armed with cameras and lots of enthusiasm and will collate our photo memories sometime soon to provide a collective keepsake from an amazing trip.

I had a frustrating time photography wise. I took two camera; one developed a fault on day two and was useless, I dropped the larger one in Yosemite and thought it broken for a day (thankfully not). I also struggled to find a happy medium between family snaps and creative pictures in what I took. I missed so many potentially awesome shots en route as I was the only car driver and we had certain miles each day to next destination. Anyway I did get some keepers and we had the time of our lives too.

We took in the fun and craziness of Los Angeles, in the rush hour and amongst the tourists.




Universal Studio

We drove the Pacific coastal highway and found the beaches and sea life.


Pismo Beach pier onto Pacific Ocean


Walking along Monterey Bay beach


Watching the seals play in the wild.

We ascended to Yosemite and wandered in awe amongst the grandeur of the cliffs, waterfalls and valleys.


Yosemite valley from Tunnel view


Yosemite’s El Capitan

We did the tourist trail in San Francisco, enjoying a city full of character, including the famous sights.

The iconic San Francisco cable cars

Riding the creaky San Francisco cable cars up and down the hills.


The iconic Golden Gate bridge


The famous San Francisco Pier 39

We toured 500 miles further north in a day, just to make it to 14,000 foot Mount Rainer. One of the most beautiful spots looking at glaciers walking amidst wild flowers in glorious bloom.


Mount Rainer and meadows in bloom


Mount Rainier in Reflection Lake

Our grand tour ended in Seattle, finding our way around this bustling city, full of eclectic sights and coffee shops.


Seattle skyline


The original Starbucks on Pike Street, Seattle.

Much to look back on, and a great journey amongst an awesome mix of terrain, conurbations, sights and sampling of American life.

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