Autumn aerial photos

I took my DJI drone out a couple of times this last month. I wanted to get some aerial shots of trees in autumn colour. The lakeside near our house is beautiful this time of year. There is a line of trees in between the canal and lake which looked

Photo project 22 update

I am just giving an update on my photo project this year ten months in. I gave myself four photography habits to try to bring some creativity into my hobby this year. Well some have worked out better than others. Anyway I am still having fun in my photo journey

New photography habits

I have enjoyed photography as a hobby for nearly twelve years now. Over the years, I have bought loads of camera gear, taken over 25,000 photos, created a ‘vigilant pilgrim’ blogging and portfolio website, made some cards and prints and experimented with lots of photo genres. This January I have

Some foggy morning photos

We had some amazing foggy mornings this last month. As I took the dogs for morning walks around our nearby lake, the mist and fog was often still hanging there, not sure if it wanted to cling to the day or be chased away by the wind or evaporate on

Lake District in the spring

We took a short break a few weeks ago, enjoying beautiful weather in the Lake District. Last time we were there, the government announced the November lockdown. We never thought it would be five months before we were allowed to be back and staying overnight. We enjoyed time out, some


Just posting a few dandelion clock photos from the grasses near our house today. So delicate and just waiting to catch the wind. Thanks for looking 🙂

IPHONe photography workshop

I had a very productive month for photography in February – I joined a photo workshop! I have been following a number of photography podcasts over the last few years, in particular one by Derrick Story from California USA. His chatty and informative podcast ‘The Digital Story’ has really informed

Winter photos at the start of 2021

I have longed for a big freeze over winter for a while now. And finally we have had a month’s worth of intermittent snow, frost, and deep winter. It must have been six years or so since the last good fall of snow settled for a while. Here are a

Some Pictures from this summer in the lakes & scotland

Having had so many months travelling not very far from our house and city limits, it was special as a family to have some short breaks in the Lake District and in Western Scotland during August. I posted some family photos on Facebook, but wanted to reserve some landscapes and

Lockdown project Re-using my photo printer

About four years ago I was encouraged to try home printing with a decent quality photo printer. The logic was that, after an initial outlay, the printing costs were small, and you had the satisfaction of seeing your photographs in beautiful hard print not just on a screen. So I

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