Winter photos at the start of 2021

I have longed for a big freeze over winter for a while now. And finally we have had a month’s worth of intermittent snow, frost, and deep winter. It must have been six years or so since the last good fall of snow settled for a while. Here are a

Some Pictures from this summer in the lakes & scotland

Having had so many months travelling not very far from our house and city limits, it was special as a family to have some short breaks in the Lake District and in Western Scotland during August. I posted some family photos on Facebook, but wanted to reserve some landscapes and

Lockdown project Re-using my photo printer

About four years ago I was encouraged to try home printing with a decent quality photo printer. The logic was that, after an initial outlay, the printing costs were small, and you had the satisfaction of seeing your photographs in beautiful hard print not just on a screen. So I

gazing at the night sky

Last Monday it looked like being the clearest night sky for the next few weeks. So I thought we could take some photos of the stars, inspired by trying to look out for the space station the previous night. But we needed as little light pollution as possible. So I

A photo walk through my last 12 months

I last blogged on this site a year ago. I had thought about closing this site down and trying a different portfolio website. So I left this dormant for a few months. Yet during this coronavirus lockdown, I have had a fresh look and decided to revamp this WordPress site

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Valley of Rocks and seaside

I was working last week at Spring Harvest, a large Christian festival in Minehead. A free afternoon found me driving along the Somerset coast to Lynton. I found an amazing mile long valley just the other side called ‘valley of the rocks’. An easy walk onto the cliff tops, and

Spring & summer 2018 photo highlights

Well, it’s been a while since posting! Can’t go into much detail, but just after I did a 24 hour photo walk in my local city in April, I have been poorly on and off  with respiratory problems. This has bizarrely coincided with some amazing family trips – to Amsterdam,

Winter Walk in the Peak District

With a day to myself last week, I decided to do a hill walk in the Peak District. It was a sunny day and I had googled walks to local waterfalls. The one that took my interest was ‘Three Shires Head’, a 4 1/2 mile mixed terrain walk in between

Mist by the lake

We have had very misty mornings this last couple of weeks in Staffordshire. There hasn’t been much opportunity to go out with a camera until yesterday. We did a family walk in the afternoon around Trentham lake; surprisingly there was a rolling mist which brooded over the lake just whilst

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