A photo walk through my last 12 months

I last blogged on this site a year ago. I had thought about closing this site down and trying a different portfolio website. So I left this dormant for a few months. Yet during this coronavirus lockdown, I have had a fresh look and decided to revamp this WordPress site instead. I found a new web theme and have had a ‘vigilantpilgrimphotography’ logo done as well. All in all, I am very pleased with it, and have updated my best pictures onto the portfolio galleries.

So here is a montage of images from this past year. At times I have been quite active as a photographer, engaging in a 24 hour world street photography day, and managing a few opportunities for landscape outings. Yet, as is true to life, some months, the only things to photograph were on the iPhone around the local lake. Hope you enjoy this photos…

April 2019

Derwent Water, Cumbria


Troutbeck valley, Cumbria

May 2019

24 hour street project – man with headphones on


24 hours street project – woman watching her child

June 2019

Two weaned little pups!


Swan nesting at Westport Lake

July 2019

Waterfall at Aire Force, Cumbria


Estuary and sky, Grange over Sands

August 2019

Les Écréhous, Channel Islands


Corbiere lighthouse, high tide

September 2019

Dawn mist Lindisfarne


Lindisfarne castle, rising sun

October 2019

Autumn walk along canal, Stoke on Trent


Shadow of man walking with cross

November 2019

Lifeguard lookout, Larnaca beach, Cyprus


Reflections on Westport Lake

December 2019

Carpet of fallen leaves


Trees and cart, Hertfordshire

January 2020

Fishguard harbour, South Wales


Path to the cross – Ffald-y-brenin

February 2020

Misty morning at Westport Lake


Tinged with frost

March 2020

Snowdrop woods, Rode Hall, Cheshire


Last of the snowdrops, Rode Hall, Cheshire



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  1. Sandy says:

    These are beautiful William…especially the Lindisfarne sunrise! What a wonderful world you have captured! Keep it up!

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