Sources of inspiration

I thought it might be helpful to share some of the sources of inspiration I have found.

  • Podcasts

I currently follow three photography podcasts:

The Digital Story – a weekly podcast on all things photographic by Californian Derrick Story, a longstanding podcaster. Derrick includes reflections on new gear, photo shoots, and how to improve your photography skills, in a very friendly and informative style.

The Candid Frame – a weekly podcast by Ibarionex Perello. Ibarionex is an American on the West Coast, who has built up an impressive collection of interviews with famous and emerging photographers. These ‘candid’ interviews really give insight into people skilled in the craft and involved in the industry.

Hit the Streets – a fortnightly podcast by Valerie Jardin. Valerie is a Parisian now living in the US, a seasoned street photographer and educator. As well as leading photography workshops, Valerie creates a varied magazine style show with guests and helpful insights.

  • Websites

I have found a few useful websites on photography gear and news:

Photography Blog – a deep website covering new cameras and accessories, photo news, how to sections about photo techniques (

Imaging Resource – another comprehensive site filled with latest reviews on all camera gear (

Eric Kim photo blog – an extrovert street photographer, with his personal view on the world and techniques for street photography (

  • Books

I have heard it said that buying a good photography book is better money spent than on new gear. My personal two favourites are

The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman. This book is full of great teaching about composition and the design of a good photograph. Michael concentrates on helping the reader to learn how to see better what makes a compelling photograph.


The Street Photographer’s Manual by David Gibson. Probably for the keen street photographer, this book is the most comprehensive manual about this medium I have come across. Mixing vignettes of great street photographers with building up understanding of approach and technique, it is also great for the photos it showcases.

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