I have been giving time to develop different interests in my photography.

As well as travel, family and general photography I have focused on three areas: landscape, street and spiritual moments. Very different themes, but all that move me. I find I can immerse myself equally in the beauty of the land and nature around me, the bustle of the urban environment and the depth of spiritual practices. A word about each:

Landscape photography seems the easiest medium to capture in some ways, but one of the most difficult to master. The fascination with light, the art of composition and the journey to find one’s own way of seeing, keeps this a fascinating part of the pictures I make.

Street photography is an art of observation. To wonder around waiting to find someone or thing to photograph may seem a strange pastime, but when serendipitous moments present themselves, magic happens. I find myself becoming invisible on the streets. As great portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz said: “The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”

Faith & abstract photography is a continuing area of interest. I took up a camera in the first place to help me out of a time of depression. Encountering people in prayer, holy places and spiritual moments moves me deeply. Finding sacred moments can feel like a gift, but also observing the beauty of life, in the concrete and abstract is a privilege.  More than that, I am learning to using my photography as a personal contemplative journey.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these images.

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