Winter photos at the start of 2021

I have longed for a big freeze over winter for a while now. And finally we have had a month’s worth of intermittent snow, frost, and deep winter. It must have been six years or so since the last good fall of snow settled for a while.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the last month, not that we could venture far with national lockdown. I took these with a mix of my cameras – some from an iPhone, others from a Panasonic micro four thirds kit, a Fuji X100f compact and a Pentax KP with telephoto lens.

Our daily walks around the local lake were certainly more beautiful and everything looked different in the wintry sun…


Sunlight through trees


Lake frozen over in morning sun


Wintry wetlands


Westport lake in first fall of snow


I spent a cold but pleasant hour or two watching the geese and gulls on our frozen lake one day. When the lake freezes over, it becomes a different world, like a scene from the arctic….


Searching for food


Resting gull


I had a chance for a rare drive into the Peak District for work purposes, which gave an amazing view of the sea of fog hanging over the valley and the glorious weather above it:


Snow and fog cloud by the Roaches


A family walk through Barlaston Downs was a special treat on a sunny afternoon, the frost, the icy puddles, the white fields:


Barlaston Downs in the winter


One afternoon we were caught in a prolonged snowfall walking around Trentham lake; everything was freezing and so quiet…. 


A very snowy walk


Trentham lake in a snow fall


Another family trek up towards Kings Wood brought great views as the sun started to set…


A field where no-one had walked in the snow


Tree and farm tracks by Kings Wood, Trentham


I have to say, dog walks near our home have never been so pretty:


Early morning reflections on the frozen pond


Sun and shadows of me and our dogs over the lake


I don’t know when our next big freeze will be, but it has certainly made a lockdown January more interesting, and worth getting wrapped up and out in the elements. Thanks for looking 🙂 

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  1. andreacranshaw372gmailcom says:

    Love the spectacular photos William . Great to add to the archive….

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