Autumn colours in Staffordshire

Last week I took a photo walk around Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire. It was one of the last crisp, sunny November days before the trees lost their brilliant hue and the leaves turned to mush underfoot. What an amazing autumn of warmth and colour; make me feel privileged to experience the

London tourist

A great family weekend in London recently. I posted some family snaps on Facebook, but here are a few observational photos. As well as a couple of capital landmarks, I took a few of people – the amazing pace and variety of London life! Hope you enjoy.

On the streets in Manchester

I had a couple of hours in the centre of Manchester recently. A bright late September morning and chance for some street photography. I managed a few ‘through the glass’ pictures of people – the reflections add a kind of veil to the photos, and a bit more depth to

Breaking waves and pier

A picture I edited into black and white, from last month’s holiday in Jersey. A gentle walk along the beach, a man stood at the end of the pier, a beautiful morning as the waves roll in… ­čÖé

Jersey early morning on the beach

We took our annual week’s holiday to Jersey a fortnight ago. Blessed again with good weather and great friendship time with family and vacation friends. It’s amazing how quickly one can unwind in a familiar holiday place. I even got up before 7am one morning to plod down to the

Summer photos from Mull & Iona

I had an amazing time photographing last week in Scotland. I took three days out for personal retreat and landscape photography. I had the most gorgeous scenery to drive through and walk amongst, along with a full range of light conditions. From late afternoon warm sun and fading light one

Staffordshire countryside

I managed to clear a morning for a brief photo shoot in the beautiful countryside of North Staffordshire the other day. The weather was the by now familiar sunshine interspersed with heavy showers. The area south of Stoke on Trent is filled with beautiful rural scenery. Tree-lined drives lead off

Scottish Lochs in the winter

We took a skiing trip to Scotland as a family this February half term. It was well worth the 6 hours driving time to appreciate the Cairngorm scenery and mountains. On the mornings we didn’t go skiing, we drove to find some nearby lochs. Loch Morlech shoreline was frozen –

Roaches on a cool autumn morning

Last week I returned to the Roaches in the Staffordshire moorlands fifteen months after a disastrous photo walk (severely spraining my elbow being chased by a cow!). It was a very quiet morning, few people rambling, and the atmosphere was fairly hazy. However, after a short hike to the plateau,

Morning light on the streets

I am trying to carve out time one morning a week to develop some photography projects. One that I am keen on is life on the streets of my city, Stoke On Trent. I am getting used to simply wandering around city centre, and capturing street photos of urban life.

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