A late autumn woodland walk

Yesterday I used the last opportunity for a late autumn walk in the woods with my camera. I took a Pentax K3 all weather camera with the great landscape lens 16-85mm. I knew that the Kings Wood at Trentham still had brilliant colours on the trees. So I timed a morning stroll well, climbing up to the woods with the sun breaking through the clouds.

It is an old wood, with growth and decay lying side by side.


On the top of the hill, it was really sheltered and peaceful.


The carpet of leaves and acorns on the ground became a beautiful interplay of light and shadow in the late morning light.


The leaves were almost translucent in colour.



The surprise of the walk was finding wild sheep happily wandering the hills, not much  bothered by my presence.


Glad to enjoy nature walk opportunities which occasionally become picture perfect.

Thanks for looking.

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