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Trying out portraits

At the start of this new year, I am attempting to do some portrait photography work. I attended two training workshops in the autumn, learning how to use lights and work with models. Theory and workshop tasks are all helpful, but trying it yourself is a bit more daunting. Thankfully

Mist by the lake

We have had very misty mornings this last couple of weeks in Staffordshire. There hasn’t been much opportunity to go out with a camera until yesterday. We did a family walk in the afternoon around Trentham lake; surprisingly there was a rolling mist which brooded over the lake just whilst

A late autumn woodland walk

Yesterday I used the last opportunity for a late autumn walk in the woods with my camera. I took a Pentax K3 all weather camera with the great landscape lens 16-85mm. I knew that the Kings Wood at Trentham still had brilliant colours on the trees. So I timed a

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