Tag: nature

A late autumn woodland walk

Yesterday I used the last opportunity for a late autumn walk in the woods with my camera. I took a Pentax K3 all weather camera with the great landscape lens 16-85mm. I knew that the Kings Wood at Trentham still had brilliant colours on the trees. So I timed a

Autumn leaves

I have had little time to spend on photography this autumn. A busy time at the house of prayer has given no spare days for landscapes. I caught a few hours of street photography here and there, and prepared some other photos for printing and mounting, ready for an art

Around Westport Lake

I didn’t stray far for my photography day last week. The lake close to our house is a local beauty spot. I enjoy a regular walk with our dog, but there is little chance to take a camera then. The seasons are so different here, and mid summer is perhaps

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