Scottish Lochs in the winter

We took a skiing trip to Scotland as a family this February half term. It was well worth the 6 hours driving time to appreciate the Cairngorm scenery and mountains. On the mornings we didn’t go skiing, we drove to find some nearby lochs.


Loch Morlech shoreline was frozen – great chunks of ice at the edge, retreating to more like sea ice towards the flowing water.


Bitterly cold, it seemed like a scene from another country.


A black and white image of a rope frozen in the ice.


As the sun tried to shine through, this picture captured the beauty of the wilderness scene.


Loch an Eilein is one of the most picturesque spots in the forest of Rothiemurcus – in good weather that is! We walked from the car park in freezing rain to stand by the loch edge and take a few snaps. The greyness added to the chilly mood, but there is something hauntingly beautiful about these Scottish landscapes.


Loch an Eilein castle, a medieval defense against marauders and a sanctuary for ospreys over the centuries.

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