Morning light on the streets

I am trying to carve out time one morning a week to develop some photography projects. One that I am keen on is life on the streets of my city, Stoke On Trent.

I am getting used to simply wandering around city centre, and capturing street photos of urban life. The trick is in walking slowly to see what’s happening around me and being unobtrusive enough to snap a few pictures.

The morning was crisp and sunny. I took about 40 pictures but the two below stood out.

This man was the only one enjoying some space as people bustled around him.


Pause for a smoke in the morning sun

The two ladies heading along the old precinct alley were the reward of waiting. There were not many people around but I wanted to get a human element here and eventually these two came around the corner, intent on some shopping destination.


A race up the precinct

Simple perspectives, yet I am enjoying the challenge of observing life on the streets. Hopefully the more I meander, ‘getting lost on purpose’, in my own city, the more photo nuggets I will find.

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