Tag: Street Photography

Some street photography around Westminster

A very wet afternoon in central London yesterday. Just finished a lunchtime meeting and had a few minutes to wander by the iconic Westminster area. I got soaked as did most of the people I photographed! Then into the shelter of the underground before catching a train home.

Morning street photography in Birmingham

A few pics from an early morning stroll through Birmingham city centre before an important meeting. The bright winter sun off reflective buildings gave a beautiful quality of light. People walking, hurrying to work, shops, meeting with friends – the normal buzz of a big city. Walking into the sun

Morning light on the streets

I am trying to carve out time one morning a week to develop some photography projects. One that I am keen on is life on the streets of my city, Stoke On Trent. I am getting used to simply wandering around city centre, and capturing street photos of urban life.

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