Summer photos from Mull & Iona

I had an amazing time photographing last week in Scotland. I took three days out for personal retreat and landscape photography.

I had the most gorgeous scenery to drive through and walk amongst, along with a full range of light conditions. From late afternoon warm sun and fading light one day, to bright midday sun, turning cloudy then dull and oppressive cloud and then serene evening glow the next. A couple of pictures I had set out to take (complete with tripod and patient waiting for sun that failed to appear) didn’t happen. Yet others were chanced upon, as I kept stopping the car, scurrying out for  one more picture along a glen or country road.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.


Lismore lighthouse and ‘sea-roads’ of Argyll


Evening light over Mull and Iona ruin


Sun set from Iona coastline


Lobster pot and beach, Iona


Ruined croft and moors


House at the foot of the hill


Mountain stream (long exposure)

Sea and sunlit hills


Solitary yacht at Tobermory


Mirrored light on loch


Abandoned boat and Ben More (long exposure black and white)

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  1. liminallight says:

    Very nice work, William. What a lovely spiritual time it looks like you had. 🙂

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